You Need to Know The 6 Stock Signals when investing in SGX Market

Stock Signals

There are various stocks available to trade in Singapore stock market. But, as a beginner in stock market, if want to trade in high amount of stocks on regular basis, it requires lots of practice and analyzation to know the stock movements.

Also, valuable recommendations from stock advisors are helpful to trade in high amount of stocks. If investing in Singapore stock market, here is the stock picking methods to get familiar with.

Liquid Stocks:

stock trading signals

  1. A stock which consists of high trading volumes, for buying & selling sufficient quantity of stock without affecting price, is termed as ‘Liquid Stocks’.
  2. While investment in the stock market, the term liquidity is equated with the ‘oxygen’, as traders are considered to be no more without it.
  3. Therefore, liquidity is an important trading aspect & one of the effective stock trading signals when it comes to pick a stock in day trading.

Choose High Liquid Shares:


  1. Greater will be the liquidity, more would be the price fluctuations which will help in profit making.
  2. If there is no price change in stocks, the chances of making profits will be zero. Thus, it’s recommended to have penny stocks or small price stocks.
  3. Also, if you’re a beginner; having Stock picks would be best thing if you get it on daily basis for your guidance for long term.

The Wrap:

Trading in stock market is profitable if invested the capital on the basis of strong analysis and through valuable recommendations.Moreover, try to pick a quality stocks, whether investing for long term or short term.



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