Five Types of Fundamental Trading that act as an Equity picks in SGX Market

5 Types of Fundamental Trading that act as an Equity picks in SGX Market

While investing for equity investment in SGX stock market, fundamental trading is majorly involved process which allows traders for which stock to buy & when to buy. Fundamental trading is a beneficial aspect that provide buy & sell strategy for equity investment that help traders & investors to make huge profit. In order to gain profit potential, there are various types of fundamental trading which are as follows:

Scalp Trading:

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Scalp trading allows traders to make several trades on per day basis, thereby scalp small amount of profit from each of these trades. In all, scalping is a profitable equity picks to generate small amount of trade from hundreds of trades.

Momentum Trading:

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Momentum trading allows traders to find out the stocks that are moving in single direction, thereby help traders to buy equity and to make profit potential.

Technical Trading:

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Technical trading is all about observing charts, graphs & index graphs; thereby provide equity signals to traders to buy or sell the stocks.

Fundamental Trading:

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In fundamental trading, the traders do the fundamental analysis of the company & determine the anticipated earnings reports, stock splits & acquisitions in order to buy the stocks.

Swing Trading:

equity trading picks

Swing trading is a kind of equity investment signals that allows traders to hold their positions for one to four days in order to capture gain. Swing trading follows technical analysis for analyzing the stock movement with short term price momentum.

Final Words:

Whether you are a beginner in stock trading or an experienced one, it’s good to focus on only one strategy through deep fundamental research to gain consistent profit. If knowing all the INS & outs about all the trading, you can trade as per your own investment strategy.

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