Know The 4 Equity Picks for Short-Term Investment in SGX Market

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Investing as a short term trader in equity market? Well, short term trading seems to be a beneficial start-up if you are a beginner but no doubt it requires basic understanding of risk & reward ratios in order to win the trade.

Being a short-term trader in equity investment, you need to identify the right situation to buy & sell equity. Therefore, check out some steps here that will help you to trade by identifying the market properly.

Analyze the Trading Pattern:

stock signals

As equity market operates in a cyclic order where the price fluctuations get up & down in a while, with the help of equity signals; it’s easy to enter the long or short position.

Observing Moving Averages:

Observing moving average is one of the profitable equity picks that exhibit the average price of the stock for a limited time period.

Identifying moving average allow investors to know that whether the stock position is high or low, thereby help them to pick right stock at right time.


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Pattern is another SGX equity pick that can be followed to get effective trading outcomes in short-term trading. Trading pattern may take development time over a month or year. All in all, pattern is the profitable source to predict the stock price movement.

Controlling Risks:

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Risk control is the major aspect in equity investment which needs to be taken care off in order to protect from losses.

Further, in order to minimize the risk; ‘Sell Stops’ & ‘Buy Stops’ are the good equity trading signals which defend you from market fluctuations.


As there are several trading steps to identify the market situation, it’s essential that how to apply the buy sell strategy in spite of identifying the market trend.

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