Singapore Stock Ezion Holdings Update: Issues Profit Guidance

Ezion Holdings issued a benefit direction for its 1Q17 outcomes, saying that the devaluation of USD in the quarter has offered ascend to a material outside trade misfortune on its unsecured money related liabilities designated in SGD, and subsequently 1Q17 will demonstrate a net misfortune.

We had anticipated that 1Q17 would be a generally frail quarter as some operational issues in 4Q16 were probably going to hold on into 1Q17. Nonetheless, the net misfortune position is as yet a shock, and we will hold up to see the quantum of the net misfortune.


In the meantime, the stock execution could be dull with a couple of positive impetuses, despite the fact that valuations stay low (~0.4x book). As the gathering’s 1Q17 outcomes will be discharged on 12 May 2017, we put our Buy rating and reasonable esteem gauge of S$0.54 under audit until further notice.

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